Mercedes ISM – Service


How it works

You will need to send us your donor ISM Module, and we will unlock the used module where it can be programmed to your vehicle using dealer level programmer.

Common Problem

  • The vehicle hardly start.
  • The vehicle’s gear won’t shift.
  • Revs at high rpm.
  • The cluster light goes off.
  • The vehicle won’t crank due to loss of communication from the Transmission Control Module.
  • Error data from actuator motor in the component A80 of the Intelligent Servo Module(ISM)
  • Car shakes badly in idle.


You will have to purchase a new ECU from the dealer or purchase a used working ISM module, and we can unlock it. You can have a certified local Mercedes specialist flash and perform SCN coding to have the vehicle back running properly.


  1. If your module incurs damage upon connecting to your vehicle after our service was performed, the warranty is VOID.
  2. Labor is NOT refundable in any case.
  3. If your module arrives at our facility and decides to cancel this service, the bench-test fee still applies.
  4. NOTE: the bench-test fee is not a separate charge, this is a service performed on every repair job, and the fee is part of the total repair service cost.

This is an Intelligent Servo Module (ISM) Unlocking Service Only!

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